falling_w1The other day while on Facebook I shared a post from John Bevere.  In it was a scripture that basically spoke from David’s heart about loving to walk in holiness.  Down in the comments section several people had basically ridiculed this passage because David had screwed up and did so in a big way.  This really bothered me and I began meditating on it.  Today in prayer I was surprised that all of a sudden in my spirit the answer came even though I hadn’t been praying for the revelation at this time.  It was so beautifully stated and I understood it immediately and then had to chew on it and realize even for my own life what He was saying.

The scripture that He dropped in mine was Proverbs 24:16a which says “A righteous man falls seven times but he gets back up”.  What the Spirit emphasized was “A righteous man”.  I just sat and thought about it.  It didn’t say a backslider or a hypocrite or a phony. It said “A righteous man”.  Then the thoughts of all the other disciples and stories of this very fact began to come to mind.  I thought about Peter, Mark, Thomas. They weren’t righteous because of their own deeds but by the blood of Jesus.

It’s easy sometimes to believe this for others but not for ourselves.  I wanted to write and post this for anyone who is feeling like a failure.   You’ve blown it and maybe you’ve blown it over and over.  You think that this means you’re disqualified, that you’ve used up all your chances.  But you’re His.  If you are His, then be encouraged my friend.  David did blow it big but it didn’t change the fact that he loved the Holiness of God.  He loved it!  I do to and I’m sure you do.  The righteous fall 7 times but they get back up.  He still calls you righteous!  I know that’s crazy but He does.  I am so thankful for His mercy that is new every morning.  This is just one of the reasons I do love His holiness.  I want to walk in it and show forth His glory as I’m sure you do too.  I want God to call me a woman after His own heart just like David.

So today, if you’ve fallen, get up and start again.  Read those scriptures telling of the beauty of His holiness and start walking.  You’re the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Just stay in Him and you’ll be alright.  Blessings!

Oh and PS If you see someone who has fallen, help them up!

By Jaime Luce

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